About Us:


The BLACK ANGELS TROUPE started  in 1992 on the south coast  of Mombasa, Kenya.  We have done many shows all over our country.   In addition to doing our own shows, we have done shows  together with groups from other countries in East Africa.  All of the members in our troup grew up in Tiwii Mkoyo, which is a village in Kwale Coast Province, Kenya.  Our troup  then decided to move  to perform in Nairobi in 2001.  Once in Nairobi we then had performances in many places, such as: schools, birthdays, and weddings.  We have also done half time and opening shows, not limited to: fairs', festivals' and  circus'.  The members in our troup take great pride in our talent and artistry for it  has predicted our future.  We enjoy teaching children to show them that this is a job just like any other, that requires a lot of practice and dedication.

After one year in Nairobi, the Black Angels joined with Sarakasi Trust to broaden their horizons.  In 2005 our troup came to the United States and started performing.  We have performed at Harlem Globetrotter shows, a half-time show for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and many fairs' and circus' in the U.S. and Canada.

The Black Angels African Acrobats are pleased to bring to you our truly amazing show from our roots in Mombasa, Kenya!!